Andre Caldwell

Junior Wide Receiver at Florida

Slow day for Andre Caldwell in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field running for 20 yards vs Wyoming at home.


Andre Caldwell played second fiddle to Chris Leak on Saturday but still managed to rush for 20 yards on 3 tries. Andre also managed to not turn the ball over all game. He had a hard time at home getting into the endzone through the air with only 0 passing touchdowns. Caldwell did a Slow job saturday with 99 yards on 7 receptions. He seems to be finding his way against this secondary.

09/10/05 : Louisiana Tech at Florida
26 YDS 0 TDS 1 Attemps 1 REC 23 REC YDS 1 FUMBLES
09/17/05 : Tennessee at Florida
18 YDS 1 TDS 1 Attemps 2 REC 26 REC YDS 0 FUMBLES
09/03/05 : Wyoming at Florida
20 YDS 0 TDS 3 Attemps 7 REC 99 REC YDS 0 FUMBLES

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