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Greg Daniels wears number 81 for Texas. He comes from Houston TX where he was a star at St. Pius X. Currently Greg Daniels is a JR at Texas. We think Greg Daniels is going to be a star on the next level.

Greg Daniels's best receiving game in 2014 was for 13 yards when Texas visited BYU on 2013-09-07. Greg Daniels caught 0 TDs on 1 receptions for the day. Which isn't an easy task at LaVell Edwards Stadium, with 65,000 people in the stands watching him. But Greg Daniels has always been great on all fields surfaced in 'Grass'. In the grander scheme of things few have put up more efficient reception numbers in this stadium since it opened in 1964.

Greg Daniels's worst game in 2014 came in Austin TX on 2013-09-14. Greg Daniels caught only 0 passes for 0 touchdowns. I bet all of Royal Memorial Stadium was shocked to have witnessed this great receiver have such a lackluster performance. The opponent was glad to match up with him on his worst performance of the season. Greg Daniels just couldn't get anything going that day and it was just hard to watch.

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2012 - Stats

Date Game Rec Rec Yards
9/7/13 Texas at BYU 1 13
9/14/13 Mississippi at Texas 0 0
11/9/13 Texas at West Virginia 1 7
11/28/13 Texas Tech at Texas 0 0
12/30/13 Oregon at Texas 1 8
Total 3 28

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