Overrated Quarterbacks Going into 2015

The quarterback position is known to be the most important on any football team. In the NFL, most teams would agree that it is nearly impossible to win consistently without a solid signal caller. Some quarterbacks in the NFL have been labeled overrated in the past, whether they deserve it or not. Here is a look at three guys who could be carrying that label in the 2015 season.

Ryan Tannehill

As the newest quarterback in NFL to get paid, Ryan Tannehill officially takes over the title of being overrated. Yes, not all of the money in his new contract is guaranteed. In fact, only about half of his money will be received if he fails to meet expectations. However, there are some people who feel like he is not deserving of that contract in the first place. With new receiving options coming into the mix, any excuses go out the window for the former Texas A&M star.

Andy Dalton

Like Tannehill, Dalton is a younger quarterback from that same draft class a few years ago. He has been a consistent regular season quarterback, helping the Bengals reach the postseason every single year. However, it has been well documented that the Cincinnati Bengals pretty much freeze up once they are playing in the postseason. They're still looking for their first postseason win since the 1990s, and fans are starting to get restless with Dalton. He is signed to a contract like he is going to be the franchise guy for the next few years, but Cincinnati better be looking for a possible replacement if 2015 goes downhill.

Peyton Manning

Some people are going to be completely up in arms with the fact that Peyton Manning is on this list, but people need to remember that this is all about the 2015 season. People in daily fantasy NFL have been counting on the future Hall of Famer for years now, but the end of 2014 was not pretty by his standards. He is one of the oldest starting quarterbacks in the NFL, and his arm strength is not nearly what it once was. People also need to remember that he lost some of his most reliable options to throw the ball to. Manning still should be good, but anyone thinking he will consistently be one of the best quarterbacks statistically in the game every single week will be disappointed.